Stella & Dot Party

Stella & Dot Party

I love a cookie challenge. So, when a friend came to me about some cookies for her Stella & Dot party I was very excited. They have beautiful jewelry with such intricate designs. The challenge was getting the cookie to match the inside pattern in the Stella & Dot box. The cookie design came from The Grounded Wife Blogspot where she teaches you how to u Stella & Dot box pcycle the Stella & Dot box.

To really get a feel for their products I went to their website and browsed through the jewelry for a little inspiration (and drool over too). That’s when I stumbled upon the Eleanor bangles. The pattern was the same as the box but enlarged. I sketched the pattern I wanted to put on the cookie so I had a feel of the lines before I began piping away. I stuck with the colors on the inside of the Stella & Dot boxes and came up with this cookie. stella & dot

Individually wrapped cookies were placed in the upscaled Stella & Dot box creating the perfect presentation.


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