Me want cookie!!!

Me want cookie!!!

Ahh cookie cakes. How you torture me so. Every night when I bake you the smells of chocolate overtake my home. I made a cookie cake for the first time last year per a customers request and have been hooked ever since. The wonderful thing is, not only do they taste awesome, I still have a wonderful cake canvas to decorate on and can do almost anything to. I can even add fondant to fancy it up if I need.

The first cookie cake I made was an army theme. The whole cake was decorated in buttercream camoflage print with an army helmet for an added touch. To make the helmet I made rice krispie treats and molded them into a helmet shape. I then colored fondant different shades of green, rolled them into small balls, and pressed them together. I took my small rolling pin and rolled the fondant flat giving me a nice camo print. I covered the rice krispie helmet with a bit of buttercream and smoothed the camo fondant over the mold. I then added a band and star on the helmet as well. Wha-la! Here is the final army cookie cake for your little army man.

camo cookie cake

After this cookie cake I began making many more. Here are some other fun ones!



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