In Pieces

In Pieces

Cookie cakes have been really taking off. They are the perfect twist between brownie and cookie and taste WONDERFUL! The great thing is I can still decorate any way I like. A new customer requested a Garth Brooks themed cookie cake for a couples birthday party. She said their favorite album was In Pieces. So I took a look at the cover and this is what i saw…

And come to find out his face is on EVERY album cover. So we decided the cake would look like the album without his face and just have red and black squares with a cowboy hat. As I began decorating it just didn’t look right to me. So, I decided I was going to shock this customer and attempt to make Garth’s face in buttercream. Challenge accepted. I remembered wwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy back in grade school my art teacher taught us how to draw using a grid. Well, this album was a grid so I thought I would apply the technique learned years ago. It took forever but it was well worth the time spent and the surprise for my new customer. Maybe one day Garth will get to see this. haha!

Garth Brooks


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