How it all began…

Growing up I always enjoyed baking. Every Christmas I would spend countless hours in the kitchen making cookies with my mother. I remember trying my hand at a coconut bunny cake with my mom one Easter. You know, the  simple round cake design where you cut out some ears and throw coconut over the white icing for fur and add candy to make a face. My friend and I even made a cake in high school for our science teachers birthday with the gel icing found in your grocers decorating isle. We had so much fun and the cake looked ridiculous. Other than that, I never tried my hand at decorating.

When my first son was going to turn one I planned a baseball themed birthday party for him. I wanted him to have a special 3D baseball smash cake. I called all over and bakeries either couldn’t fit me in, or wanted to charge me over $100 for a baseball cake that would soon be mashed by tiny fingers. So, to no avail, I decided I would make his smash cake. I mean, how hard could it be right?

I had never made icing from scratch, so I went to the Wilton website and used the Wilton Buttercream Icing recipe. Then I took a trip to the arts and craft supply store and bought the Sports Ball Pan Set and a small decorator set. I made a cake from a cake mix (gasp!) but did the buttercream from scratch following Wilton’s recipe. The buttercream icing was YUMMY! Way better than your grocery store cake. I was so excited Once the cake was cooled I filled and crumb coated it and then piped white stars all over the ball following a circular pattern. I then realized why those bakeries were charging so much for the cake I thought was so simple. haha. I swear I spent three hours on that little cake (bake time included). Here was the result.

Hunter's 1st Birthday Smash Cake

Even though it didn’t turn out that great the experience and sheer joy I got from making Hunter’s first birthday cake was wonderful. From then on I decided to make my son’s birthday cake every year so he would have a special memory of his mom. A wonderful tradition had begun.

My favorite memory of the day was when he touched his cake for the first time. Silly mom put the cake in the refrigerator and didn’t take it out until it was ready for him to smash. The cake was so cold, not to mention the icing stiff from setting, he didn’t know what to think. His expression was priceless! But once he got to tasting it, he was sold! He still loves mammas buttercream (now modified).

So my decorating and baking adventure began with my beautiful son unveiling a talent that I never knew I had. After his second birthday family started asking me to make party cakes. After his third birthday word started to spread like wildfire. And here I am now, five years later, one happy baker! I hope you all enjoy my blog and can share in the sheer joy baking brings me. Happy baking!

Hunter's 2nd Birthday Cake
Hunter’s 2nd Birthday Cake
The third cake I ever made
The third cake I ever made



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